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I’ve been on the lookout for decent photos of the inside of the Arapahoe County Detention Center for a long time. They have not exactly been forthcoming. 

Second photo to the top -  right side of the picture looks like an interrogation room.

Third picture - booking and fingerprinting a suspect.

Fourth picture - evidence room.

Fifth picture - jail cells.

Links to pics (some of which I did not include in this photoset.)







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lmfao. remember when?


lmfao. remember when?

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Anonymous asked, "HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY JAMES BABY!!!!! i have been keepin you in my thoughts all day <3 <3 <3"

Thank you for remembering, you are too sweet.

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Since it’s Jimmy’s bday I hope the Arapahoe shooting has nothing to do with him o_O

Sounds like todays shooter was after a teacher but a fellow student got injured instead. Hopefully they weren’t influenced by what happened in Aurora but who knows.


Happy 26th Birthday, James!

Thanks, girl!

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(( OOC: The Aftermath )) 

(( So we obviously did not have work today (or at least my section was not called in). The victim list came out and I could barely bring my self to read it. I can only recognize 3 names and one of them was actually a old family friend.

I am staying back home in the country for a couple days and they are holding a big memorial service at PAX Navy base that my family works on. It hit my home town really hard because it is 98% Naval families and most of them commute up to DC for work. It is like all of the energy is completely drained out of the community.

I really just can’t wait until all of this fades away.

Sorry for being so depressing.

Thanks for all the support you all have been giving. I really appreciate all the nice asks and responses. If I don’t respond to you right away just know that I have actually read it and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

You guys rock ))

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Anonymous asked, "karmas a bitch but that is what you get for running this blog about shootings l"

(( How rude. ))

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Ask James Holmes

"Suspected" mass murderer in the July Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting.

I should have just stayed in California...

Current Time in Aurora

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